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August 11th, 2014

Angel of Losses

The Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center is proud to be hosting a book reading and signing with Northeast Philly's own Stephanie Feldman. Stephanie will be reading from her debut novel, The Angel of Losses (which of course has a Holocaust component), answering questions about how she crafted the book, and signing copies for those who wish to purchase it. All profits from books sold at this event go to support the mission of the Holocaust Awareness Museum.
Angel of Losses Flyer

The Tiger's Wife meets A History of Love in this inventive, lushly imagined debut novel that explores the intersections of family secrets, Jewish myths, the legacy of war and history, and the bonds between sisters. (HarperCollins, 2014)

A Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection (Fall 2014)

Sunday August 24th
Klein JCC, Room 218 (10100 Jamison Ave, Philadelphia)

Cost: Free and light refreshments will be served.

Please register at or 215-464-4701