"It was cool to have a chance to listen to a real person speak about what he went through during the Holocaust. He was the most credible source that we could have. I learned a lot more through his pictures and stories." ~ Boys Latin Charter School student


January 15th, 2013

Six Million and One Film Screening

The Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center is proud to partner with the Sons and Daughters of Holocaust Survivors to announce the film screening of Six Million and One, a 2G/3G Holocaust related film on Monday January 21st at 7pm at the Gershman Y (401 South Broad St, Philadelphia). Tickets are $9 a person.

Dinner with local 2nd and 3rd generation survivor families will be arranged at Olive Garden (1346 Chestnut St, Philadelphia) and organized by the Sons and Daughters of Holocaust Survivors and the Holocaust Awareness Museum.

RSVP to Jeanette Berstein (goaliebl@verizon.net) or Tammy Forstater (tforstater@yahoo.com) for details and reservations.

Click here for more information about the film.

October 10th, 2012

A Hidden French Child of the Holocaust revisits her rescuers.

A Hidden French Child of the Holocaust revisits her rescuers.

By Ruth K. Hartz

French President Francois Hollande gave a very moving speech in Paris on July 22, 2012 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the first round up of Jews in 1942 at the Vel d’Hiv, a bicycle stadium in Paris. On July 16, 1942 early in the morning 13,152 men, women and children were arrested by French Police in their homes, taken to the stadium from where they were taken to internment camps near Paris and deported to Auschwitz Birkenau where they were murdered solely for being Jewish. I would have been one of those children.

At that time I was just five years old and found myself with my parents in the village of Arthes near Albi in Southern France under the Vichy collaborationist government of Philippe Petain and his Prime Minister Pierre Laval. We were helped by two local families in the village who took extraordinary risks in protecting us. Towards the end of the war I was sent to a convent where the Mother Superior hid about 10 Jewish children. My memoir “Your Name Is Renee”, written in the voice of the child that I was then details my story during that time.