"Hearing one person tell their story gave a completely different perspective to what happened, as it wasn't about statistics or about a nation as a whole, but one person who lost his family and home." ~O. Avery (student)


March 27th, 2010

Anne Frank Theater Project Performs to Receptive Audience at Klein Branch

A demonstration of the Anne Frank Theater Project’s 45 minute adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank emotionally moved a packed audience at the Polansky Theater, JCC Klein Branch in Philadelphia, Sunday March 21, 2010. Sobs could be heard in the audience that included educators, students, holocaust survivors, and dignitaries.

March 23rd

Former Nazi SS member convicted of Dutch murders

A German court has sentenced an 88-year-old former member of the Nazi SS to life in prison for the murder of three Dutch civilians in 1944. Heinrich Boere had told the court in Aachen that he killed a bicycle shop owner, a pharmacist and a member of the resistance as part of a death squad. But he said he was following orders and would have been shot for not doing so.

via the BBC