"Who Will Carry The Word?" to be Performed

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The Philadelphia based OtherWORDS Theater will be performing Who Will Carry The Word? this September to give a voice to those "who were denied a voice by the industry of killing that was a major part of the Nazi’s national policy during World War II." Written by survivor Charlotte Delbo and directed by Anthony Hostetter, this poem-performance is presented by 20 women from the Stewart Dance Theater, each representing a different Holocaust victim.

In addition to the readings the young actors did to learn about who they were representing, they visited the Holocaust Awareness Museum and heard Manya Frydman Perel speak about her life in Auschwitz. The second show on opening day (Sunday, September 13, 4pm) will be dedicated to Manya.


  • Sun, Sept 13, 2pm, 4pm, 7pm
  • Tue, Sept 15, 7pm
  • Wed, Sept 16, 7pm
  • Thu, Sept 17, 7pm, 9pm
  • Fri, Sept 18, 7pm, 9pm
  • Sat, Sept 19, 4pm, 7pm
  • Sun, Sept 20, 4pm, 7pm
  • Tue, Sept 22, 7pm
  • Wed, Sept 23, 7pm
  • Thu, Sept 24, 8pm
  • Fri, Sept 25, 8pm
  • Sat, Sept 26, 5pm, 8pm

Tickets are available at the Philly Fringe Box Office Aug. 24-Sept 19, 215-413-1318 and at otherWORDSTheater.org,1-800-838-3006