"It was cool to have a chance to listen to a real person speak about what he went through during the Holocaust. He was the most credible source that we could have. I learned a lot more through his pictures and stories." ~ Boys Latin Charter School student

Father Patrick Desbois: A Priest on a Holocaust Mission

"It is 30 seconds to midnight." This sentence says it all within the context of Holocaust studies. As Holocaust survivors age and pass away, their stories are taken with them to the grave. However, another side of this are aging witnesses to the Holocaust horrors who often stood by as mass killings took place. Father Patrick Desbois, a Catholic priest, has made it his mission to video-record these bystander testimonies concerning Einsatzgruppen mass killing units in the Ukraine. Since 2004 he has recorded more than 1,000 testimonies and has unearthed several mass killing sites. A new documentary from National Geographic entitled Hitler's Hidden Holocaust sheds light on this important mission.

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