Abby Gilbert

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Abby Gilbert is a 25 year veteran in the field of Jewish Communal Service. An expert in youth work, experiential education and lay/professional relations, Abby has been a frequent guest presenter at Gratz college and ACAJE in Elkins Park, also the Agency for Jewish Learning in Pittsburgh, PA. She served for five years as part of the URJ North American Youth Initiative Team training Jewish youth workers across North America and developing resource materials for use in Reform Jewish Youth Work settings. Previously she served for thirteen years as the youth director and program coordinator at Congregation Beth Or in Spring House, PA coordinating the religious school mitzvah council and the congregation's 1st Mitzvah Day. Abby continues to be an active member of Congregation Beth Or, serving on the youth committee and as Vice President of the Sisterhood. A former JCCs of Greater Philadelphia Coordinator of Adult Education and Travel, also the former Site Director of the Klein Branch JCC she was recently elected to serve as Vice President of the Board of the Klein JCC and is the current President of the TriState Jewish Communal Professionals Association. Abby resides in Jenkintown, PA with her husband, Gary Freedman, and their two daughters.