Lida Stein and the Righteous Gentile - Performed by Anne Frank Theater Project

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The Holocaust Awareness Museum sponsored the first performance of Lida Stein and the Righteous Gentile, Sunday morning, January 24, 2010 at Beth Sholom synagogue, Elkins Park. PA. This second production of the Anne Frank Theater Project this season was performed in front of an audience of 100 students and adults.

Producer Sharon Geller challenged the group to determine who were the victims, the bullies, and the righteous. Geller introduced museum president Chuck Feldman who spoke to the audience about the relevance of the production in our troubled world today and as a reminder of the Holocaust for future generations.

The play focused on Germany and the Nazi regime’s introduction of the 1933 Nuremberg Laws that restricted Jewish social and economic life during the years prior to the Holocaust. Centering on the lives of a Jewish teenage girl, her gentile girlfriend, and the mother of the girlfriend, the plot was perfect for the Jewish teenage students, their parents and teachers. The cast gave a moving and passionate performance that brought some audience members to tears.

The Anne Frank Theater Project program concluded with a dialogue between the audience and cast members, facilitated by Geller, discussing bullying, choices of actions and their consequences, and moral heroism.

The next performance by the Anne Frank Theater Project’s The Diary of Anne Frank, is scheduled for Sunday morning, March 21, 2010 at the JCC Klein Branch in northeast Philadelphia.