"It was cool to have a chance to listen to a real person speak about what he went through during the Holocaust. He was the most credible source that we could have. I learned a lot more through his pictures and stories." ~ Boys Latin Charter School student

The Museum's Response to the USHMM Shooting

Dear Friends,

The Holocaust Awareness Museum of the Delaware Valley joins the entire civilized world in condemning the attack at The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington on Wednesday afternoon. We grieve with the family of Officer Johns and applaud the quick and effective action of the other security guards at the Museum. If not for all of their heroic efforts the tragedy would likely have been far greater.

The Talmud teaches us that whoever saves a life is saving the entire world. Unfortunately the acts of cowardly madmen cannot be prevented in most cases. However we believe that the education of more people, especially young people, about the potential harm caused by the twin evils of intolerance and bigotry is one way to prevent some future attacks.

We join with other institutions, with the Museum in Washington as the leading light, in trying to help solve this difficult problem. Our Museum provides free programming to schools throughout the Delaware Valley. Our survivors, like Manya Perel, featured on Fox News accompanied by educational staff visit schools or welcome students as our guests to give first hand accounts about The Holocaust.

During this school year, which ends in a few weeks, the museum presented over 4 programs reaching 3400 young people with our message. We are already scheduling programs for the fall.

What happened during the Holocaust cannot be changed. Even the events of the other day cannot be changed. We can however do something constructive to limit future tragedies. We want your help. We need your help now. To schedule a program, or make a donation, please contact us.
Thank you.

Chuck Feldman