Live Auction Items

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These are a few of the live auction pieces that you will be able to bid on during our 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Auction:

  • Sixers Pre-game Meet and Greet with Marc Zumoff plus two courtside seats to a game!
  • Pre-game in the Phillies broadcast booth with Chris Wheeler plus two tickets to see a game!
  • A VIP tour of the state Capitol in Harrisburg with State Senator Mike Stack. Get a "behind the scenes" tour of the Capitol not available to the public.
  • Get introduced on the House floor while legislature is in session. Tour will also include a complimentary lunch with State Representatives Brendan and Kevin Boyle.
  • Spend a Saturday afternoon in the studio and watch Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger as they host their weekly 10 am to 1 pm show on WIP Sports Radio!
  • Night on the town package including tickets to the Philadelphia Orchestra, dinner and a limo!
  • Dinner for 6 with Michael & Tonya Herskovitz by the pool prepared by hotel chef.
  • Walk on role on TV's great new show "Common Law" taped in New Orleans, with air and hotel!
  • Exclusive CBS Back Lot Tour of the Radcliff Lot – not available except at auction - see the Seinfeld set & those of other historically popular shows, imagine who you might see filming there …….?!
  • Tickets for the Mayor's Box at a Phillies game!
  • Flyers tickets, and more!