Film and Discussion

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Join us for this amazing film and celebration of our Museum's remarkable year of programming. In a world filled with bad stories and unforunately ad actors, you will not want to miss this event honoring our good work and our great people. Your spirits will soar! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Chuck Feldman

  • Film and Discussion
  • Sunday, July 15, 1:30 p.m.
  • Polosnky Theater, Klein JCC
  • Air conditioned theater and free and ample parking

In spring 1939, a Philadelphia Jewish couple, Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus, embarked on a bold plan to rescue 50 children from Nazi-occupied Vienna. In completing the incredible mission, the Krauses and Brith Sholom were responsible for the first and largest known American transport of refugee children throughout the Holocaust. This film tells the gripping story of two ordinary people who rose to the challenge of becoming extraordinary heroes.

Post film discussion with Kurt Herman, one of the children rescued and an active Holocaust speaker.

$10 recommended donation to the Holocaust Awareness Museum

Light refreshments to follow

RSVP to Phil at 215-464-4701 or to reserve – seating is limited