51st Anniversary Banquet and Auction

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The Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center is holding its 51st Anniversary Banquet and Auction on Saturday night, October 27, 2012 at the JC Melrose Country Club in Cheltenham, PA.

Our Museum, founded by the late Ya’acov Riz, is housed at the Klein JCC in Northeast Philadelphia and serves as a vivid reminder of the consequences of intolerance and hate. Our yearly event allows us to maintain and expand our
permanent collection of artifacts as well as continue our thriving education program.

In 2011/2012 Holocaust survivors and liberators spoke directly to more than 23,000 students and other interested participants. Our Witness to History student programs, Anne Frank Theater Project and Genocide lectures reached
another 3,000+ audience members.

Help us reach more students next year by placing an ad in our ad-book which reaches hundreds of local potential customers and supporters or by donating a gift certificate or service.

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