Auction 2012

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Thank you to everyone who has helped make our fundraiser a big success this year.

View this years adbook (pdf)

A working list of those who helped make this year's auction a big success.

Chuck Feldman
Carol Honigman
Don Wittenberg
Iona Riz
Abby Gilbert
Phil Holtje
Marc Adelman

Joe Chudzinski
Ira Feldman
Melissa Grossman (Intern)
Jennifer Glauser (Intern)
Adrienne Berger
Meryl Gerner
Jackie Burstein
Gayle Sorkin
Rycki Freedman
Marissa Williams
Paula Weiss
Robin Falkow
Michelle Feldman
Gary Freedman
Lisa Weitzman
Sue Aistrop

And a big THANK YOU to Rhonda Fink-Whitman.

And of course the J.C. Melrose Country Club

Holocaust Awareness Museum 2012 from Holocaust Awareness Museum on Vimeo.