Free Training - iWitness, Thursday July 18th

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Join us on Thursday July 18th from 4-6pm for a FREE TEACHER TRAINING at the Holocaust Awareness Museum to learn about how to incorporate the new iWitness tool from the USC Shoah Foundation.

iWitness enables students to engage on an individual level with Holocaust survivor testimonies and to discover connection to their own lives while building on the literacies needed in the 21st century, including information, media, and digital literacies.

Jonathan Young is an educator at Esperanza Academy Charter High School and is a graduate of USC Shoah Foundation's Master Teacher Program. He is an expert in iWitness and will demonstrate how to integrate this award-winning tool in an interdisciplinary curriculum and how it can be used as a model between different subject classes.
He will be presenting with his colleague, Justin Grow, an English teacher at Esperanza Academy Charter High School.

RSVP to Phil Holtje, Program Director, Holocaust Awareness Museum at 215-464-4701 or