"Hearing one person tell their story gave a completely different perspective to what happened, as it wasn't about statistics or about a nation as a whole, but one person who lost his family and home." ~O. Avery (student)

Two Men Meet, Share Horrors of Nazi Concentration Camps

This is verbatim of the article from the Philadelphia Inquirer on December 21, 2010. The link may no longer be available.

Two Men Meet, Share Horrors of Nazi Concentration Camps

By Jeremy Roebuck and Kathy Boccella

Anthony Morrone still carries with him the images of the hundreds of emaciated and hopeless faces he encountered upon storming Germany's largest concentration camp as a young radio operator with the Army in 1945.

He has, quite literally, kept their pictures with him through the decades since.

The South Philadelphia native carries the photos snapped during the liberation of Buchenwald to presentations he has given, recalling that day for countless student and community groups, hoping he'll encounter people who survived the horrors of that concentration camp.

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